About United Surgery Centers


United Surgery Centers (USC) is dedicated to improving the health of our communities by setting the standard of excellence in outpatient medical and surgical care. USC currently has nine ambulatory surgery centers throughout Southern California.

  • To create a safe physical environment properly constructed, equipped and maintained to ensure patient health and safety in preparation for the  scheduled procedure and immediately following the procedure
  • To provide an atmosphere of compassion and understanding with minimal stress and anxiety
  • To function at a high level of efficiency to accommodate the convenience of both the patient, physician and the staff
  • To assist the physicians in accomplishment of a plan of diagnostic evaluation and medical management for each patient
  • To promote knowledge and skills of the Center’s staff as a means of meeting technical and scientific progress in the delivery of healthcare and to be aware of new research, new products and new ideas which may modify and improve present activities and procedures

Bariatric Surgery | Cardiology | Colorectal Surgery | Gastroenterology | General Surgery | Gynecology | Medical Weight Loss | Neurosurgery | Otorhinolargynology (ENT) | Orthopaedic Surgery | Pain Management | Pediatric Gastroenterology | Plastic Surgery | Podiatry | Urogynecology & Female Pelvic Health | Urology

USC is proud to be affiliated with United Medical Doctors, which offers unparalleled specialty medical and surgical care throughout Southern California. UMD currently has over 45 clinical locations, 35 specialties and 175 providers. To learn more and schedule an appointment with a specialist, visit www.unitedmd.com.


Our Specialties & Procedures

We are proud to offer a vast array of medical and surgical subspecialties at our outpatient surgical centers to the communities of Southern California.

Your Healthcare Team


We are committed to providing the highest quality compassionate care & service for all people in the prevention, diagnosis & treatment of medical and surgical diseases.

Meet our team of multi-specialty medical and surgical providers at United Medical Doctors, who strive to demonstrate empathy in caring for patients which is more than just physical healing – it’s establishing a connection and trusting relationship with care that encompasses mind, body, and spirit. We look forward to being a part of your healthcare team!